The House Baba Built by Ed Young

Bonus Material: Sketches and Photos

Shown here, art and images that did not go into the final book.


Resources for More Information

Ed Young's picture book, The House Baba Built, tells a very personal story set during WWII. While the world was at war, all was okay inside the walls of Baba's house. It's a unique perspective and gives insight into the small joys in life during a tragic time.

Below are links to some resources that will help readers to become familiar with the historical setting for Ed Young's story and give perspective into the world Ed was living as a child. - This WWII website includes an overview of events, time line, and an interactive map with videos.

Experiencing War: China, Burma, India - The Library of Congress provides information on veterans from these Asian countries and includes a veteran search database.

World War II Records - The national archive website on WWII that includes photos and video.

Also Illustrated by Ed Young

Wabi Sabi coverWabi Sabi

by Mark Reibstein
Illustrated by Ed Young

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